What kind of cameras do you repair?
See our services section for a list of cameras we repair.

How much do you charge for estimate?
We have a $25 estimate fee which is waived, shoud you decide to have your unit repaired.

How long will it take for my camera to be repair?
Depends on the problem and the availability of the parts. If we have the parts in stock or if it doesn't need parts, we usually take from 2-5 days after you approve the estimate. If we need to order parts it would take longer, but either way we will let you know.

How long is the warranty that i get on my camera?
All cameras have a warranty of 90 days with a few exceptions.

The Warranty of course does not cover abuse or damage, such as dropping the camera or getting sand in it.

Can water damaged cameras be repaired?
No. A camera that has had water spray or water splash damage, might be repaired. But a camera that has been immersed in water is finished. Even if it was only immersed for one second, it is still unrepairable. What happens is the water gets into the electronics and the small mechanical parts where it is not possible for a repairmen to reach. Rust and corrosion slowly starts damaging the electronics and the small mechanical parts. The camera may work properly for days or months, but as the corrosion spreads the camera will fail in time. Fresh water spray or splash is bad for a camera and it needs to be cleaned quickly before corrosion sets in. Salt water spray or splash is acid to a camera. The best solution is to buy a cheap throw-away plastic camera when you need pictures of water sports. We will qualify our statement by saying that any camera can be repaired, no matter what type of damage it has, but the cost to replace the mechanical parts or electronic parts, and the labor involved, would cost enough to buy two or three replacement cameras of the same type.

My lens doesn't retract, or operate properly.
More than likely the unit has suffered a shock or an impact of some type. Other times, it's possible the lens was forced in, or prevented from caming out. In either case it may be possible to repair the lens. Other times, the lens has to be replace. In any event, labor is typically minor to intermediate . The lens can cost from $50.00 on up.

I have beach sand inside the mechanism of my camera; Is it repairable?
Yes, if its only sand most of the time it's repairable, but if its sand with water we would have to check it, but its probably not repairable, it also depends on how much water and sand the camera has.

What if my camera is determined to be not repairable even after I authorized the estimate cost?
This is not likely to happen, but if it happens there would be no charges, except if you ship your equipment we will charge you only the the cost to ship your equipment back to you.

What if I think the estimate for the repair of my camera is too much and I decline the repair?
There is an estimate price of $25. Every customer has to pay this before we give the exact price to repair the camera. But if this happens we will just return you your camera or we will ship it back to you. If we have to ship your camera back you would be reponsible for the shipping charges

I have a compact digital camera with a broken LCD panel. Should I get it repaired or is it too expensive?
In most cases yes, you should get it repair. For this types of problems the labor cost is not expensive, it's mostly the cost of the LCD panel. LCD panels can sometimes be expensive. If you have any questions about how much your LCD panel will cost please feel free to contact us.

How much are the shipping/handling fees?
The shipping/handling fees depend on the weight and value of the equipment.

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